Nancy Lemon studio


Lonely Hearts Club in the Woods


sasquatchWPPoor ole Sasquatch, or Yeti, if you prefer.  His Yeti girlfriend needs some space, I guess.

Photoshop is a vast ocean, a bottomless pit, of possibilities.  I feel as if I’m treading water and have only scratched the surface of this software.  I’m pretty happy with the drawing, but feel I have a lot to learn about polishing without getting too heavy handed.  For this I tried breaking layers into “painting layers”…there’s an underpainting, midtones, etc. but perhaps I should simplify.  The best part is playing and learning!

Aww, poor lonely Yeti.

Author: Lemon

I draw all the time and love it. Please feel free to email me about my art. Contact Nancy:

3 thoughts on “Lonely Hearts Club in the Woods

  1. It is a beautiful illustration..and it opens up incredible possibilities for narrative storytelling! That quality, seems to characterize your paintings and drawings! Ce’st magnifique!


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