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Butterflies for my Rose


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I’ve been infrequently posting, as I have been infrequently creating since the birth of our daughter, now 8 weeks old.  Before she was born I had planned on making a piece of art for her room; as she caught us by surprise (4 weeks early), I am finally creating something.  It will be a Christmas present!  Her room started with owls and ended up more butterflies…there is an owl painting in there, but her bed stuff is butterflies.  So…here are some more butterflies. ;)

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These were done all in gouache on heavy Arches watercolor paper, perched on the end of the guest bed, while listening to the movie White Christmas coming from the den.  Since Rosalee’s arrival, the studio/guest room has become somewhat crowded; I’m setting up makeshift studio areas wherever there is room!  This piece will probably have a few more tweaks before being framed, but I wanted to share something new on this blog.

Happy weekend, and if I don’t get to post next week, Merry Christmahanakwanzikah!


Author: Lemon

Drawing since 1981, mostly. Please feel free to email me about my art, or check out one of my stores along the side of the page. Also available for all sorts of custom artistic endeavors. Contact Nancy:

3 thoughts on “Butterflies for my Rose

  1. So beautiful! Rosie is so blessed to have such a talented mommy!!


  2. They are fantastic, she’ll love them. Have a lovely time, Russell.


  3. Beautiful, and congratulations


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