Nancy Lemon studio

Head in the Clouds



This was inspired by that sentence, which is in the book The Goldfinch.  It’s funny what will offer a little inspiration now and again…walking aimlessly, savasana (corpse pose in yoga-aka lying on the floor half-asleep: a favorite of mine), and reading usually works for me.

This was created using pencil and my nifty, portable Cotman watercolor set.  I go back and forth about using inks…I’m a little too enamored with my pencil marks but like the permanence of ink.  (Also, I’m better with a pencil.)

If anyone is interested, this is available as a print.

Author: Lemon

I draw all the time and love it. Please feel free to email me about my art. Contact Nancy:

4 thoughts on “Head in the Clouds

  1. I love the sock falling off. Delightful image! – Sharon


  2. Haa, thanks for noticing the sock! My daughter and I are perpetually one-sock shod. :)


  3. Nancy, the quality of your work is exceptional. Rock on, chica-


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