Nancy Lemon studio

Giant Sebastian



I like the idea of this more than the execution.  My inks just seem…stilted, not free and nice like my pencils.  I’ll get there, though.  One of my teachers told me that when we struggle with “style” or new tools that it means a creative breakthrough is around the corner, if only we keep pushing and practicing.  So…I’m hoping for a breakthrough!

I do like the look of that little penguin running in the front. :)


Author: Lemon

Drawing since 1981, mostly. Please feel free to email me about my art, or check out one of my stores along the side of the page. Also available for all sorts of custom artistic endeavors. Contact Nancy:

3 thoughts on “Giant Sebastian

  1. I love this drawing, especially the giants face with the ink running beyond the lines. And, the penguins are so attentive. – Sharon


  2. Thanks, Sharon! I think I am at the start of a new stylistic change…time will tell. :)


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